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Like most men, it is at times hard to be vulnerable and seek help. By finding (and working) with Brandon, I have found solace in therapy and feel comfortable enough to work on my traumas and past. Brandon brings his own experience and his amazing education to each session and has done amazing work with me. I had therapists in the past but never felt as though my voice was validated or understood.  Since seeing him, I have been able to begin to see a life outside of the weights that bring and hold me down. 


When I met Brandon, he built confidence in me to share my problems and heal from my past issues. Brandon, help me realize PTSD in my life and that it is okay to heal from past hurts and stand up and be strong and confident.


I am so pleased with the services that I am receiving from Brandon and he is helping me become a new person that loves myself.

I look forward to each week learning how to continue to heal.


I found Brandon through a mental health service in Minneapolis. I was extremely nervous coming in to therapy, but by the end of the first session, he helped me to feel like it wasn't so scary after all. I have been his client now for two years, and he has truly helped me to transform my life. He is professional and authentic. He is well spoken and easy to talk to. Flexible and adaptable to any situation or conversation. I feel truly safe with Brandon and like I really have someone who's in my corner, wanting the best for me. You can tell that this is much more than a career for him. It's just one great human being wanting to help other great human beings find what they need to thrive! 


I am very relieved that I have crossed paths with Brandon. He knows how to listen, but also how to engage with me in conversation so that each session feels like we are working together as a team. He has an amiable and calming demeanor. He helps me examine my concerns in ways that don't make me feel overwhelmed and powerless. I genuinely feel as if I'm getting my life back to a place where I want it to be, and Brandon has helped me get there by making me realize that my goals are within my reach.


Brandon Johnson, who as soon as I met let me call Brandon. that felt very personal instead of intimidating. He is honestly the best therapist I have ever had I’ve been in therapy for several years now and I can never go back to anyone else, not only was I so impressed at his skills and his kindness. I was also impressed How he took his time to answer, and that answer was always what I needed to hear. He knew exactly what to say without me having to tell him what was going on it was so impressive one of the most intelligent man I have ever met I highly highly recommend him. He deals with several different therapies again I highly recommend!! Five stars from me!!!!


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