What is Barren Battles?

Barren Battles is a 8 week Therapeutic Coaching program that walks couples through the emotional ups and downs of their Infertility Journey. We begin by getting couples on one accord and then bring them through each stage of the Grief and Loss process. Couples are finally equipped with a plan to chose their best route to family planning.

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You or your partner were recently diagnosed with Infertility.

You want to have children and your partner does not.

Your partner wants to do IVF/IUI but you do not.

You and Your Partner are not speaking.

You want to adopt and they disagree.

Your partner does not want to use a donor.

Answer yes to any of these and this program is best for you!

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Is Barren Battles right for you?

Infertility Book Suggestions


Every wonder what you will say to your child when the dreaded question comes "How are Babies made?"⁠⁠


In a sweet and fun way, you can introduce them to Ferris. Ferris was conceived via IVF. This form of reproduction maybe common to us adults, but explaining it to children can be quite cumbersome. Sweet little Ferris will use gentle terms in a loving way to show children just what it means.⁠


Tess Kossow has been recognized in People Magazine for her ability to explain IVF in a sensitive manner to children. You can learn more about Tess visit her @Tesskossow on IG.⁠ Also check out the link attached for the blog post I wrote for her website at https://tesskossow.com/keeping-fertility-secrets

Semen Secrets Book Pic.jpg

Women are not just silent partners in Male Infertility. In Semen Secrets Truths and Confessions of a Wife’s Journey Through Male Infertility, the writer shared her perspective of what it means for her husband to suffer from Male Infertility. She shares deep emotions and little humor.

T.J. Peyten pulls out the struggles of  life, love, faith and marriage in the midst infertility.

We Understand the Struggle


In Your Shoes

It is good to know the road that you are walking. As a infertile male, I know the emotional ups and downs ahead of you.

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Take a Breath

It is my goal to provide you with moments to relax. It is important for you overcome each stage of grief and loss with a clear mind.

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Finding Solutions

The ultimate goal of my clients is to find the best family planning method for them. Two joined hearts and minds make the best decisions!