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Type of Men in Therapy

Men are carrying heavy loads. It is time to drop the heavy load in order to have strong mental health! I like to work with men, because I can relate to them. There are a few type of men that come into the office. I welcome them all.

Leaning on the Wall

The FOrced

One who's back is up against the wall and only therapy can get them out.

Don't Wanna Talk?

I understand that you just do not want to share certain things with you wife and friends. That is what therapy is for. It is a proper place where we sort out life's difficult curve balls. You also get professional opinions and not brush offs that friends provide.

The Hard Topics?

Yeah  we can cover that!

Image by Liz Vo

Between the Sheets

Mind and body are tied even when you are NOT tired. I understand it, but does your partner?

Image by Samantha Gades
Image by Cytonn Photography

Marriage Isn't Working

You gave it a good ole try, but everything where you look things are just falling apart. Not agreeing, not happy and you are certainly not in love.... I understand.

Image by Samantha Gades
Walk in the Desert


Not in the career we dreamed, not in the city we hoped to be and more responsibilities than ever dreamed? I understand!

Image by Samantha Gades
Image by Tyler Nix

Just Ain't Happy

Friendships are changing, people are leaving, and life just isn't working out the way you thought. Feeling depressed too? Yeah, we cover that

Image by Samantha Gades
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