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Barren Battles

Welcome to Barren Battles!

This is an Infertility Roadmap that takes you from being Emotionally stuck to Emotional Freedom.



You are Not Alone

40% of couples are suffering from infertility. Keep in mind that someone you know is probably (secretively) suffering in the same manner.

Seek out someone (Like me) who understands what you are going through!


Don't Blame Yourself

As men we often think that we caused our circumstances, but not this time. Only a small number of men's injury causes infertility.

Look in the mirror and assure yourself that you are NOT to blame.



Infuse Self Care

The healthiest way to heal is to take care of yourself. Do what makes you feel comfortable, happy and cared for. (Without self destruction)


Share with your Partner

Sit with your partner and express your pain. This opens a line of communication that can help relieve angst. This is a crucial step in getting your head around this diagnosis,

Mountain Climbing
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